Child care is the most impactful benefit employers can invest in for their people and themselves, with an ROI that can be measured and a cultural impact that can be felt.

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By providing the benefit that working families care about most, CDDC helps companies drive recruiting, retention, and productivity and lead the new world of work. Leadership Our team combines years of experience and a deep dedication to serving families and employers.

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The overall goal of this multi-cultural center is to provide a safe, healthy, caring, and stimulating environment for children. The environment is designed to meet the children’s emotional, social, physical, intellectual, cultural, and developmental needs.
The program is oriented to the individual child and attends to the cultural diversity and differing needs, interests, and developmental level of the children served.
Program staff foster a positive learning environment, demonstrate concern for each child’s self-esteem and encourage mutual respect among the children and staff. They also encourage the children’s curiosity and the exploration of their environment. Staff members are available to provide warm, supportive relationship on a one-on-one basis.
Welcome to CDDC DAYCARE. We designed our classrooms — and every activity and lesson — to help prepare your child for success in school and beyond. With designated learning centers such as dramatic play and blocks in every classroom, children have the opportunity for rich social play and child-initiated discovery.
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